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Finally, Get Rid Of The HANGOVER! ...Before You Get Out Of Bed

A scientifically formulated solution for ravers by ravers. And we want you to try it free!

Rave Renew Sample Pack Rave Renew Sample Pack

Benefits of RAVE RENEW

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Rave Renew Sample Pack Rave Renew Sample Pack
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  • Replenish happy hormones
  • Boost mood
  • Rid the hangover
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Flush toxins (like the ones that keep you up all night)
  • Boost brain function
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what our customers say about Dope vitamins


I am in love with Dope Vitamins! I was a bit skeptical trying them out for day 1 of EDC but the next day I felt so energetic and ready to rave again, I knew these were going to be my new go-to for music festivals/ concerts. Rave Renew is my new best friend!

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Alexander February 5, 2020

Awesome Multi Vitamin

I took dope vitamins the day after a concert and it made it feel great! It lifted my mood and really helped me not feel hungover. I had the energy I needed to be engaged at work the next day! I plan on taking these vitamins for any day post rave.

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Paula Januart 31, 2020

The Ingredients That Make Rave Renew Work

  • 5-HTP

    Replenish your happy hormone serotonin and sleep more soundly

  • Mucuna Pruriens
    Mucuna Pruriens

    Replenish your feel-good hormone dopamine to reduce anxiety and improve mood

  • Magnesium

    Ease muscular and emotional tension with this essential mineral

  • R-ALA

    Considered a super antioxidant, this will help remove all the nasty toxins from your system ASAP

  • NAC

    Supports and protects your liver to remove damaging party toxins so you don’t wake up groggy and tired

Rave Renew Sample Pack

A scientifically formulated solution for ravers by ravers. try it now for free!


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Rave Renew Sample Pack Dope Rave Renew